Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Welcome back, writing time!

After a five-month stint of doing cover paintings, I'm back in the writing saddle here in my new digs in Durham, England.  Yeah, that England!

After such a protracted lapse, I expected to have a few days of warming up before being able to drop back into the story.  I was pleasantly surprised when that didn't prove necessary.  So, if all goes well, I can get Book 3 of Queen of Cinders in the can by the end of the month.  Man, that would be great!  This trilogy wasn't supposed to take this long to write, but I'm pretty happy with it, being a first draft and all.

I'm more looking forward to doing a second draft of Book 1, actually, since it's been years since I wrote it, and I haven't read it since.  That's a long time to settle, for a first draft.  Wait, looking forward to editing?  Strange but true.

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