Thursday, January 1, 2015

A soft spot for 2015

With the champagne corks mounded high on every side, I'd like to get my Goals post out of the way.  Posting it is, after all, my first goal of every year.

Given my dismal failure to meet goals in 2014 up to a point where I could cross them off my list so they could actually get counted, I'm going to do a lot more tracking of what the heck else I'm doing that isn't on-task.  So, to assist me, a sort of resolution:  300 hours of "me" time for 2016.  That includes reading, and anything else I do to chill out that doesn't involve family.  There's no limit on family time, of course.

So, kids, don't worry.  I'm still going to make dinner.

With that out of the way, the goals:

Production (New Stuff)

  • Finish Book 3 of Queen of Cinders
  • 4 Short Stories
  • 10 paintings on commission.  These can be covers, or whatever.


  • Internal stuff for the Gallery Hunters Anthology, including maps, missing illustrations for the new stories, as well as formatting, a cover, and so on.
  • A new draft of Firewatcher for sending out to agents.
  • A new draft of the completed Queen of Cinders trilogy.  Normally I wait a year before doing new drafts of novels, but it's been more than enough for books 1 and 2, and by the time I get through them, I'll be mentally ready to edit book 3.
  • Game apps:  I've listed this before, but now am going to try less collaboration with coders, since they're hard to keep on-task on small projects, and tend to wander off to newer shiny objects.

12 short story sendouts.  Every time I meet with John O'Niel, I'm reminded of how little I'm sending out, recently.  I need to get off the pot, and get those stories rolling to publishers again.
Querying Firewatcher and, perhaps, Queen of Cinders, if I can get some beta eyes on it first.
Gallery Hunter trailer.  This is the real elephant in my marketing room, at the moment.  This is a massive project, but I still can't help but feel it's doable.
Blogging at least once a week.  Is this marketing?  I'm not sure where else to put social media efforts, and need to account for the time it takes, so I'm putting it here.

And that's the lot of it, and the estimated times for all of this is over a thousand hours!  Time to get cracking!

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