Monday, January 9, 2012

Here We Go Again

2012 is here, and I’m in full swing to start my shiny new year.

First off: Goals
2 novels
Sure, they’re books 2 and 3 in a trilogy, but I’m hoping to knock them out the way I did the first.

12 short stories
And I do mean short. One or two days to write a first draft, max.

1-hour paintings to keep me in the groove and all limber, art-wise. No getting bogged down with these. Just one a week.

App Development
I’ve grown tired of beating my head against the physical market, and have decided to move Bradford Design games and puzzles onto mobile platforms, where appropriate. I have two projects on the starting blocks, and hope they can see daylight before the end of the year.

Look into E-Pubbing
While I’m going to give all of my novels a chance to go the traditional route, I think that testing the e-pubbing option is something worth exploring, even though every fiber of my being protests. It just feels too much like vanity publishing, but maybe I’d better get with the 21st century.

New Web Site (or sites)
Yeah, my presence on the web has really gone nowhere, but that should turn around this year.

Resume contact with the rest of the world
My habit is to work in the evenings, in the two hours I’ve got free, but I need to get back in touch with my friends, too.

And there you have it. 2012’s biggest goals.

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