Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Champagne all around

This marks the official launch of my much-delayed blog. I was asked long ago by an editor, John O'Niel (of Black Gate Magazine fame), whether I had a blog, and at the time my answer was no. I mean, who has time to maintain a blog?

Except for those few million who actually do, of course. Except for them, not many.

But I've been asked by more and more people, lately, about whether I have one, so here you all go. This blog is mostly going to be about three subjects: writing, game design, and art.

The strange thing, to those who create fiction, or games, or anything really, is the fascination others have at the process. In this regard, we've got blinders on since we ourselves want to hear more about the creative processes of others. But still, posting my thoughts on any given topic still seems to border on narcissism, but I'm a Luddite, in that way, I guess.

So for those who are interested, this blog is for you.

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